From our forthcoming ebook SEO Basics for Adobe Commerce (Magento 2), in cooperation with SEO specialists NOVOS, and ecommerce consultancy Vervaunt, this extract focuses on SEO Friendly Content Management. 

SEO Friendly Content Management

Why is content so important? According to Search Engine Journal,, or pretty much any site tackling SEO, content, content length and content quality are listed as an important on-page ranking factor.

How is content managed with Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce comes with a powerful out of the box solution called Page Builder. This drag and drop content management system provides the following features for creating  quality content quickly and in an SEO friendly manner:

• Insertable Headings (H1, H2, H3s etc.)

• Structured content via blocks, banners, dividers and HTML

• Crawlable content and HTML buttons

• Blocks, CMS Pages and Widgets to easily insert content into pages, products and listing pages

• Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

• Alt text for images

User-Generated Content

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

In its simplest form, User-Generated Content is any content, in any medium, generated by a brand’s users but not produced by a brand itself.

Why is UGC good for SEO?

A great explanation of UGC can be found on Search Engine Land in their article “User-generated content for SEO: The cost-benefit analysis you need”. The short of it is that user-generated content helps with SEO by:

Context: Getting more content onto the page gives search engine crawlers far more context to the page’s purpose and across a much broader spectrum of terms you wouldn’t necessarily normally write into your product or page copy.

Image Search: 25% of all searches in Google are done with image searches. Allowing users to upload images can help increase the chances of your products and content being found in image searches.

Reviews: The article goes on to explain that search engines employ thousands of manual reviewers and that “Customer reviews can be helpful for assessing the reputation of a store or business”.

How can you leverage UGC out of the box with Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce comes with an easily configurable Product Reviews tool that enables any store to collect product reviews from users with a summary section, review section and definable star ratings. This allows for the creation of quite detailed and SEO friendly user-generated content.

Version 2.3.3+ also comes with the user-generated content marketing platform Yotpo pre-installed. You can request pricing and demo at

“For Google to connect the dots between your UGC and your business, you will need to have your reviews displayed on your own store. A platform like Yotpo makes this simple by creating a dedicated SEO page with all your product and site reviews that Google can easily crawl through.
Also, Yotpo’s official partnership with Google allows you to incorporate Rich Snippets so that Google shows product reviews directly next to your organic search results. Whatever reviews provider you choose, make sure it has an official integration with Google Shopping (many don't!) so that your reviews show up in those product listings as well. Our research shows that it can improve click-through rates by up to 17%!”

 - Ellys Childs, UK Partner Manager, Yotpo