As we face these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we support each other; we are fortunate enough to have the very best team in the world, working with the very best clients.

With the increasing developments regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, The Pixel wants to reassure our clients that we are monitoring the developing situation on a daily basis and have plans in place to provide you with continued service.

While proactively monitoring the developing situation and managing our staff members to stay healthy and keep your interests safeguarded, all staff are currently working from home. All of our employees are fully able to operate from home and can perform all functions as if they were at their office desktops. We have a tried and tested solution already in place to support such situations, and we do not expect any impact on the day to day management at this point in time. All remote workers will continue to uphold The Pixel's GDPR and Security policies.

Through regular communications, updates, and daily stands ups, we foresee the working day to be very much in line with what you currently see on a day to day basis. If there are any questions that you or your team have, please don't hesitate to contact us or any of our management team directly.

Kind regards and stay safe.