eBook: Best Practices for Cross-border Ecommerce

For Magento merchants considering or currently expanding into new territories, our latest eBook offers advice on adopting the best practices when designing a strategy for cross-border markets.

eBook: Best Practices for Cross-border Ecommerce

The eBook provides advice for creating the right strategy for every market and describes how technology can help you execute those strategies while controlling risks and costs, with the aid of Magento.

The guide includes:

  • A blueprint for cross-border growth
  • The most important factors for consideration in different markets: product information, payments, delivery, taxes, etc
  • The biggest obstacles to cross-border success
  • Magento best cross-border technologies and how to utilise them

With Magento Commerce and the cross-border technologies described in this eBook, you can: reduce time to market, grow revenues and margins, give customers a localised customer experience, improve efficiency and control costs. The Best Practices for Cross-border Ecommerce eBook is available now.