Many Bing advertisers in the UK are guilty of setting up their campaigns and then neglecting them. Part of the problem is that many of us use Google Analytics, which can be easily setup to automatically import cost data from AdWords. You can manually tag your Bing campaigns so that you see conversions and revenue but you can't view any cost data.This article shows you how to upload cost data for non-Google paid campaigns, such as Bing, to leverage the Google Analytics platform to perform ROI analysis and compare campaign performance for all online advertising and marketing investments.

Create a data set in Google Analytics

To upload your Bing Ads cost data you must create a Data Set. This enables you to match different types of data from other sources so they can be integrated into Google Analytics.

  1. In Google Analytics go into the Admin section and then select "Data Import"
  1. Click the New Data Set button
  2. You will not see a list of "Data set type" templates. As we are importing cost data into GA select the Cost Data for the type and click Next Step.
  1. Name your data set then select the views that will use your cost data in the GA reports. Select  Next Step.
  1. Go through the list of Dimensions and Metrics and select the ones that apply to your data. In this case we want clicks, cost impressions.
  1. Select "Summation" from the Import Behaviour. You can learn more about behaviours here: Cost Data Summation vs Overwrite. Select Save.

Create your Bing Ads Keyword Report

  1. Log into your Bing Ads account and select “Reports”. Click on the “keyword” text link to create a keyword report.
  2. Select “Day” as the unit of time. You must have this because you want to view these stats on a daily basis within Google Analytics.
  3. Select only the metrics you require.
  1. Select download to get your report

Prepare your CSV file

  1. Delete the general information in the header.
  2. Delete the footer that reads ©2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. Change to date format to YYYYMMDD. You can do this in Excel by using custom formatting.
  4. Insert two extra columns. In the source column populate this with "bing". Fill the medium column with "cpc".
  5. Rename all of your columns so they match the data set that you created in Google Analytics:ga:datega:mediumga:sourcega:adClicksga:adCostga:impressionsga:campaignga:adGroupga:keyword
  6. Your headers should now look like this:

Save your Excel spreadsheet as a CSV (MsDos).

Upload you CSV file into Google Analytics

  1. Click on the Data import tab and select “Manage update” for the data set you wish to add an import file.
  2. Select the blue “Upload file” button.
  3. Choose the file you with to upload and press “Upload”.
  4. If there are errors with your upload click on the “view errors” link so you can start debugging.


To view your data create a custom report.Click on the link to automatically set up a custom report to view your bing Ads data: