Magento has released its brand new security scan tool that allows merchants to scan their sites for known security risks, malware and unauthorised access. Merchants will be able to receive updates from the tool in regards to their website's security status. It's a free service that's available to both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source users, and can be run on any version. Merchants and developers can access the tool within their current Magento account, after setup. Regular updates will keep the Security Scan tool up to date with all new developments and patches, making it a useful go-to tool on a regular basis. Features of the new tool:

  • Real-time security status updates and how to fix vulnerabilities
  • Scan scheduling
  • Over 30 security tests to identify potential issues and missing patches
  • Historical reports to track progress
  • Scan reports showing passes and fails
  • magento security scan schedule

    Schedule scans for regular security checks

    magento security scan failed

    Security scans failed

    magento security scan successful

    Security scans passed

    We're very happy to see this tool, which we first heard about at Magento Imagine 2017, come to fruition, and are keen to integrate it into our clients' security practices.It's an initiative that helps both developers and merchants ensure the on-going security and protection of Magento stores, and it's also great timing just before the upcoming holiday season.To talk to us about the Magento Security Scan Tool, please don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0117 313 6010 - we'll be very happy to help.