In Q1 2021 Adobe will be launching a new quarterly upgrade policy for merchants that are not yet on the latest Magento version 2.4, but are still using a supported version of Magento Commerce. This new policy is intended to make implementation and security easier for Magento merchants, while providing more options on how and when to upgrade. Please see the updated Magento lifecycle policy.

New upgrade & lifecycle policy

Going forward, updates to other currently still supported minor versions such as 2.3, will be split into two distinct processes:

  • Security fixes - will be deployed via the quarterly patch release as it has in the past
  • Quality fixes - will only be available via the new Magento Quality Patch (MQP) tool

The aim is to make the upgrade process faster and more flexible. Merchants will be able to upgrade to the latest security patch using the traditional quarterly release sequence, whereas crucial quality fixes will always be available via the new MQP process, for older, minor versions.

Example of how this will work...

This will mean that upon release of new versions like 2.5, the previous line, 2.4, will move to security-only updates. High impact quality issues that break core flows will still be delivered to the previous line (in this example, 2.4) through MQP, but lower impact quality issues will not be made available on that previous supported line, and will only be addressed in the latest version (2.5). 

When is this taking place?

Magento 2.3.6, released in October 2020, will be the last quality & security line for 2.3. After 2.3.6, the 2.3 line will move to security-only updates and critical quality fixes will be available via MQP.  For more information, please see the Magento release calendar