If you're in the process of planning an upgrade to Magento 2 and haven’t yet watched Magento's Demo Series, it's well worth taking the time to do so. The videos highlight the best and newest features of Magento 2, demonstrated by members of the Magento team. Below we've compiled them all for your convenience.

Visual Merchandiser

Save time with smart categories and harness the power of granular control Presenting the right products in the right place is key to engaging your customers and driving higher sales. Magneto’s Visual Merchandiser was built to help you accomplish this goal, allowing you to automatically include products based on the rules you set.... Watch now

visual merchandiser magento

Content Staging and Preview

Deploy content on your own schedule with flawless campaignsMagento's Content Staging and Preview facility makes it easy to launch products, promotions and content to drive sales. Appearing on the staging dashboard, you can see all active and pending content campaigns, intuitively colour-coded and visible on a timeline over a 1 and 4 week period.... Watch now

content staging and preview magento

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

The best way to improve conversion is to provide a personalised customer experience Magento allows you to dynamically segment both guest visitors and regular shoppers. Browsing the site, even as a guest, Magento collects valuable data about customer activity. If a customer browses the site and takes a look at a product, Magento can learn what they're interested in and can segment accordingly.... Watch now

customer segmentation magento

Admin Experience

Managing your store front doesn't have to be complicatedMagento's tools are designed to be easy to use yet incredibly powerful. The administrator tools dashboard lets you monitor sales with quick access to sales, orders, search terms, and best selling product data. You can also configure and save different views of order and customer management screens, and much more.... Watch now

admin experience magento


Create targeted promotions that incentivise current customers and attract new ones In the administration tool you can create promotions that offer a percentage discount, target specific websites, customer groups and segments. Its power lies in its ability to define granular conditions for when the promotions should apply.... Watch now

promotions magento

Engaging Customer Experience

Magento creates rich and engaging customer experiences that drive conversionsA native front end shopping experience built to give merchants a responsive, flexible storefront. Homepages can be designed to engage shoppers by telling brand stories, and browsing shoppers can easily narrow products options with powerful search and layered navigation.... Watch now

customer experience magento