BULK POWDERS Migration to Bulk.com
BULK POWDERS Migration to Bulk.com

BULK POWDERS Migration to Bulk.com

BULK POWDERS is the No 1 sports nutrition brand in the UK. Since the company was formed in 2006, it has grown from a small unit in a self-storage facility, to a state of the art 16,000 sq ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility based in Colchester, Essex. BULK POWDERS underwent a major DNS migration to the brand new domain, Bulk.com, for all of the company's international websites.

Migration of Multinational Domains

The task of migrating Bulkpowders.com to Bulk.com was a complicated exercise; BULK POWDERS currently trade in 13 different territories and the new domain needed to be applied to every store. These included: .at, .de, .dk, .es, .fr, .ie, .it, .nl, .pl, .pt, .se, .uk, & .eu. BULK POWDERS’ blog was hosted on a separate server for security, and so a secondary migration of all blog content was also required.  

The challenges of migrating so many domains for a company serving a large international customer base was to ensure that they all transferred without error, and that access to the original URLs was not lost at the time of transfer. The exercise needed to be done with all URLs simultaneously, and with protocols in place to mitigate risk and reduce the chances of error.  

Migration Action Document

A migration action document was drawn up that included a specific set of tasks needed for each domain that would allow us to plan and factor in all eventualities to minimise disruption and mitigate risk per domain. The document included, but was not limited to: 

  • Magento changes before deployment
  • Changes to temporary redirects
  • Magento changes after deployment
  • Updates to the Magento core
  • Changes to the Wordpress Fastly Backend
  • Changes to Wyomind Data Feed Manager
  • Instructions for making copies of the database & codebase
  • Instructions for the mass replacement of URLs for both http:// & https://
Example: http:// & https:// mass replacement


https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk >


http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk >


https://www.bulkpowders.com >


http://www.bulkpowders.com >


Example: Multinational domain redirects

Fastly Edge Modules & old to new domain:
Store > Configuration > Advanced > Full Page Cache > Fastly Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Enable Fastly Edge Modules = Yes

Store > Configuration > Advanced > Full Page Cache > Fastly Edge Modules > Module Manager > Manage = Click refresh and then check "Redirect one domain to another"

Once this is enabled, at the following redirect groups:

www.bulkpowders.at >


www.bulkpowders.es >


www.bulkpowders.eu >


www.bulkpowders.de >


www.bulkpowders.dk >


www.bulkpowders.fr >


www.bulkpowders.ie >


www.bulkpowders.it >


www.bulkpowders.nl >


www.bulkpowders.pl >


www.bulkpowders.pt >


www.bulkpowders.se >


www.bulkpowders.co.uk >


www.bulkpowders.com >


UX Improvements

New Product Page

To correspond with the launch of the new Bulk.com domain, BULK POWDERS also launched a series of UX improvements on site, one of which saw the redesign of the existing product page.  The existing product page was user reviewed and analysed to provide a new criteria and set of amends to improve the buying journey. The new product page design included: 

  • Full image gallery 
  • Left aligned product content for easier access 
  • Sticky right aligned buying options & Add to Basket button
  • Internal anchor links to Description, Directions, Nutions & Reviews for easier access

Checkout Improvements

As part of the new UX changes, BULK POWDERS’ checkout experience was updated and improved using payment provider Adyen, and Loqate Postal Certification & Postcode Lookup. 


Adyen was introduced to serve all 13 international websites, using the Magento Commerce extension API sandbox. Adyen is a single payments platform that allows BULK POWDERS to accept payments anywhere, on any device, fully supporting unified commerce. The solution has one admin that can be rolled out seamlessly across multiple markets, payment methods, and currencies, making it the ideal choice for the company’s international array of sites. Adyen features: 

  • Global coverage and all popular payment methods
  • Performance, testing, and reporting into one interface
  • Full certification for standards such as PSD2 SCA and PCI
  • Fraud protection with AI and rule-based risk ecosystem

Loqate Postal Certification & Postcode Lookup

Loqate postal certification delivers a postcode lookup API providing accurate real-time address data in the checkout, facilitating a more streamlined checkout process and more accurate shipping rates calculations. 

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